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Payroll  | Datatax Inc - Pickens, SC

Statistics indicate that utilizing a professional payroll company can save a business up to 30% in revenue! By partnering with Datatax Inc you will save yourself the time and energy of hiring payroll personnel or completing these time consuming tasks yourself and, in the end, even save money!

Your privacy and security is important to us. We use only encrypted servers to store your data both in-house and online for your convenience and ease of access. You never have to worry about sensitive data getting into the wrong hands, or costly mistakes on payroll forms. Your payroll will be handled by highly qualified and skilled accountants who stay current with IRS codes, and payroll tax withholding and filings.

Payroll can be one of the most dreaded tasks within your business. Why not save yourself the stress and headaches and concentrate on what you do best? Our payroll services include:

• Direct Deposit

• Garnishing of Wages

• Accurate weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Paydays

• Vacation and Sick Pay Tracking

• Accurate tax calculations for state, federal, and local tax

• Paychecks with stubs for professional payroll processing

• Tracking and pay inclusion of bonuses, cash tips, allowances, holidays, variable pay rates, hourly pay, and salaries

• Accurate payroll deductions for insurance premiums (taxable and pretax), flexible spending accounts, retirement plans, and more!

Datatax Inc also handles filing of all employee W-2 and W-4 forms, contractor I-9’s, and employer registration forms. We take care of all quarterly and year end filings. You have absolutely no payroll worries when you trust Datatax Inc for all your federal and state payroll tax filings.

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